A Common Mission

Before being told what you are... examine what you're not. People who can't think outside of the box will often try to put you in one. Our community believes in staying outside of the box and thinking beyond conventional constraints.

We're a group of individuals united by a common mission... the pursuit of our calling, the responsibility of owning our gifts & talents, and the creating of more value in this world. We're creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, makers, doers and "figure this sh-t outers."

Every garment tells a story and every wearer embodies the spirit of authentic living.

Society says "find your niche." Soul says, "the niche is you."

The Mission Is You...

I,________________________, am dedicated to my mission because I know the mission is me. Instead of conforming to the societal path, I choose my calling. I will remain patient, diligent, steadfast and confident knowing I lead with my intuition and not their fear. I’m committed to my clarity and direction because I have a purpose and with that purpose comes responsibility to show up authentically everyday regardless of distractions or unsure ness. I am, therefore it is.

Below are ways to connect...
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